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I’m trying to accomplish a few things with this site. First and foremost, I'd like to better understand our business and serve our clients. I think it’s important to have a hands-on knowledge of the product you put your time, name, and money into and believe in continual progress, so I’m using the Advisor Websites platform in order to understand and improve upon the client experience. This website is essentially my little sandbox that I get to poke around with and test ideas, try to break things and come up with questions and think of ways to challenge our thinking at Advisor Websites.



My foray into the entrepreneurial world started when I was just a kid with a keen eye and a passion for returning empties: since beer cans and bottles were worth twice as much as their pop counterparts, I would create strategies to maximize my exposure to those 10 cent treasures!

Eventually I went on to start my first official company, Tidal Multimedia, which became one of the top web development agencies in Western Canada and spawned my current software development company, Advisor Websites, a SAAS business creating websites for the financial services industry.

On our path to build up Advisor Websites and our initial web development business, my business partner Jason and I realized that it was incredibly important to both of us to take really good care of our team members and support them both in their professional and personal lives. As a part of this process, we ended up getting into the bucket list business. We acquired a platform (worlds largest bucket list website/database of peoples bucket lists and things they want to do) and created an employee rewards and recognition platform called Bucket List Rewards in 2017.

I’m incredibly grateful and blessed to have 3 little humans in my life. They are amazing and I learn something new from them every day.

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I love listening to audiobooks, like going to lectures, events, conferences and workshops of all types. I'm a member of a peer group and volunteer on the board of a business association I belong to.

My leisure time consists of trying to spend as much time with my kids as possible, time up in the mountains in the snow, I like jogging and doing the grouse grind, hitting the gym, getting beat up in jiujitsu (I’m a proud white belt), getting out on the water, and chopping wood.


Advisor Websites

An industry leading marketing platform for the financial services industry. Originally established as a spin off from a traditional web agency my business partner Jason and I used to run. Check it out at

Bucket List Rewards

Employee reward and recognition platform. Motivate your teams with rewards and recognition
they actually want. We’re on a mission to build the best cultures in the world. Check it out at

A work in progress and a community establised around 2010. Its the worlds largest database of Bucket List goals and ideas. Check it out at



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Mentored my colleague and friend Sara in writing the
Do Epic Sh*t Book


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